Sport and Nature


Agriturismo Milord reserves its guests pleasant surprises.

For those who wish advices, you can always ask the reception for information about the management of your holiday. The “Milord family” is always available to help you.

Walks in the wild starting from the Agriturismo, visits to museums or art galleries, excursions in unique and fascinating localities, ferry trips, there are several alterative sto spend a fantastic day.

You can also rent, directly from the Agriturismo, fantastic bikes, MTB or E-CityBike, to ride along the paths of our mountains, or simply to go to the beach!

Agriturismo Milord periodically organises tours, maximum number of 6 people, to unique and enchanting places. These tours can take up from half a day to the whole day. Here there is the possibility, for those who wish, to fully live Garda and all the wonderful landascapes, which it offers daily.

Fro those who want to spend their holiday in absolute relax, there is also the possibility to benefit from our external spaces, with chairs and tables, made available to our guests.

From the 2019 season Agriturismo Milord “should” (according to plans and autorisations) enefit from a fantastic swimming pool.


Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva  "Milord"





In our olive trees’ cultivation no chimical products are used.



Our olive oil is produced using exclusively olives collected and obtained from our olive trees and directly from the branches

(we don’t collect olives fallen to the ground).

Refinement, exclusiveness, kindness and cleanliness.


Agriturismo Milord is a portion of a 17th-century cloister. From the near Church, in the centre of Renzano (a beautiful fraction of Salò always sun-kissed), the cloister developed into different branches which, from the historical structure adjacent to the Church, were created according to the needs of different ages. Here were born spaces for stables, barns and, in our case, for silkworms’ breeding, grapes’ cultivation and wine’s production.

The Agriturismo lies deep in the green and it’s surrounded  by our olive-trees, where our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is still produced.

Agriturismo Milord offers a overnight-service and breakfast. All our chambre are made to offer you the highest hospitality. Our meticulous choice of furniture, walls’ coulours, wood without chimica treatments, wonderful and comfortable mattresses, is made to offer you an unequaled stay.

Internally we have at our disposal a lovely breakfast-room which, if requie, can be transformed into a conference/meeting room.

Externally, in our private garden, are located confortable chairs, tables and sun umbrellas for our guests. so you can eat outside or sip our excellent wine or our great beers.




Milord’s Inn or Wanderer’s Inn is the tipical Medioeval Inn.

The Inn is the result of a careful renovation of the stores’ spaces used for cold cuts and wine; in fact, our principal aim is to restore the old Medioeval rural flavours.

Meeting point for people, the Wanderer’s Inn is an out-of-date place. Tasting tipical Garda’s wine, from our winegrowers friends, or home brew, the Inn’s atmosphere will surprise you.                                                                 Our wine and our beers will be accompanied by typical cheese and cold cuts of our valleys , form marmelades, to sauces and vegetables from our gardens.

Those who enter the Inn must leave out thoughts and every kind of concern, in order to make room for distension and to be involved in a time, when life, less hectic, was supported by true values.                                    Values which we want to recreate: values of sociability, respect and insouciance.

Here you won’t find radios or TVs, because they aren’t necessary, here you will find a staff ready to listen to and to interact with you, if you want.

Here we are all friends.

The Wanderer’s Inn will open in 2021.