The guided tours (extra payment service) we propose take place in the beautiful localities present in our territory (many itineraries are proposed).

The prices depend on the time employed (some tours begin in the morning and end in the evening), on the number of the participants, on the distance and on the use or not of the shuttle bus.

Guided tours avoid you queues, useless wastes of time looking for places and/or better landscapes, and the use of your car.

Thanks to the 25 years-experience of gamekeeper, the owner of the Agriturismo will guide you directly to the serveral localities, some totally unknown to the tourists, without wasting of time.

N.B. Tours, by bike or by foot, can be made also autonomously and without additional expense.


Sport and Nature


For those who love an outdoor life, Agriturismo Milord organizes different excursions in order to live fully our beautiful Lake Garda’s nature!

We organise:

  • excursions in farms which product and sell their typical products, like cold cuts or cheeses;
  • excursions in places of artistic and cultural interest, such as Il Vittoriale degli Italiani and the new museum Musa in Salò;
  • walks with or without guide, in order to enjoy beautiful views and landscapes;
  • daily trip with the possibility of having packed lunch (provided from the Agriturismo) and with dinner in typical places;
  • possibility of going running or hiking along the trails of our mountains.

Bike rental


Agriturismo Milord offers a bike rental service.
We have got 2 types of bike:     n. 10   MTB   –   n. 5   E-CITYBIKE
Inside the Agriturismo you can also find a little workshop.

The owner is available to fix or regulate your bikes, if you have the necessity.


                                        PRICE LIST  BIKE RENT

1 D           2 D            3 D            4 D             5 D             6 D           7 D
€ 25,00    € 42,00    € 60,00    €   75,00    €   90,00    € 105,00   € 120,00


1 D           2 D            3 D            4 D             5 D             6 D           7 D
€ 33,00    € 60,00    € 90,00    € 120,00   € 140,00    € 160,00   € 180,00

We suggest you to read the regulation at the occasion of the rent.