la storia di agriturismo Milord


“Immersed in an olive grove and in the silent and religious respect for nature:
this ancient place of the spirit was born”.


Once surrounded by mulberry trees and vineyards, meticulously cared for by the religious who over the years have guarded this enchanted place full of spirituality, today stands that portion of the ancient convent that with painstaking work has been transformed into a welcoming farmhouse, the Milord.

Mulberry trees and vineyards have made room for the wonderful olive groves that surround the structure which is able to maintain that atmosphere of the past. The granaries and silkworm crops have given way to comfortable rooms built with the old methods: the exclusive use of natural products. The rooms are designed considering the needs of modern customers who, remaining in the charm of the old villages, seek peace, beauty, relaxation and comfort.

From the result of years of unstoppable work and great emotion, the Milord was born: a place with a religious vocation of the seventeenth century that today has recovered its original and authentic splendor, becoming a place to regenerate by finding contact with the priorities of life, far away from the chaos of everyday life.

Milord is the ideal place for those who see in the essentiality, in the calm and in the true quiet, the keys to find inner peace. It is a mystical place, the result of a long journey towards the rediscovery of one's self.

The majesty of the Alto Garda park, in which the Milord is immersed, amplifies the sense of spirituality, to the point of enchanting the eyes and soul.