Large spaces, nature and a wonderful swimming pool will welcome you for a relaxing holiday.

The swimming pool is a fundamental point for guests to enjoy an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
In fact, located in a strategic place within the farmhouse garden, the pool is not subject to any noise, traffic or smog, the only "disturbance" is the singing of birds.
Despite the considerable requests from external customers, the use of the pool is only available to guests and a very few and selected external customers.

Access has very specific rules. Among the most important, it is not allowed to bring glass objects to the pool level, it is mandatory to shower before diving and to use slippers on the edge of the pool.
The water is purified with chlorine: the only effective treatment to neutralize bacteria, viruses and fungi. The chlorine treatment of our pool goes through an expensive computer that automatically manages the perfect doses of chlorine, just enough to eradicate all possible infections, while still guaranteeing maximum comfort and personal well-being.